Exploring the beauty of the mountains through easy hikes and scrambles

Ya Ha Tinda

The Ya Ha Tinda Ranch is located about 60 km west of Sundre, about 2 to 2.5 hours drive NW of Calgary. It is by far not as popular as most other regions in the southern Canadian Rockies, which is in part due to 1) less convenient access as compared to Banff etc. (access is via a small gravel road), and 2) less publicity and information available on this area. Recently, more and more scramblers have been documenting trips to this area, so things are slowly changing.

It’s a lovely area, far from the maddening crowds, and you’ll often have it all to yourself. There are a number of easy ascents near the road that are thoroughly enjoyable, not least for their short approach route and almost complete lack of bushwhacking. Other mountains are more difficult to access and involve either a chilly river crossing or a lengthy hike or bicycle ride deeper into the backcountry. The area also appears to enjoy unusually mild winter weather, with many peaks and ridges snow-free and in condition before the rest of the Rockies.


Mountains to explore:

Balfour, Mount 

Eagle Mountain

Evangeline Peak 

Kimchi Peak

Labyrinth Mountain 

Maze Peak

Minos, Mount 

Rum Ridge Peak 

Wapiti Mountain

Warden Rock