Exploring the beauty of the mountains through easy hikes and scrambles


Hi – my name is Cornelius and this is my personal site designed to share my impressions and experiences in the mountains with friends & family and anyone else who might be interested. There is some route information as well, but my trip reports are primarily meant to preserve my memories. I’ve been actively exploring the mountains since 2010 and currently live in Calgary, Canada. Outside my work as a geologist, I am passionate about attaining mountain tops without any complex gear. The simple elegance of finding an easy or at least manageable way up a summit without the need for ropes is what appeals to me. Most of what I do is scrambling, some of it hiking. It’s a wonderfully rewarding activity that keeps both mind and body fit and healthy.

I hope some of the photos and stories encourage you to get out, challenge your own limits, and start exploring!

Thanks for visiting!